Private 2-Person “Buddy” Lesson

All ages. Enjoy a 2hr buddy lesson with just you and a friend. Buddy lessons are designed for 2 people allowing a couple, friends or family to surf together with their own instructor. Buddy lessons provide almost as much learning as a private lesson but are more structured for fun. All surf equipment is included.

Private Group Lesson

In this two-hour surf lessons we introduce surfing etiquette, safety, fundamentals, paddling skills, surfboard positioning and proper stand up techniques. Form your own private group with 3 or 8 Students Price $100 per Person, Children Ages 12 and under $120 (NOTE THAT ANY CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 12 WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSIGNED THEIR OWN INSTRUCTOR AS REQUIRED BY LAW.)

Mega Group & Corporate Lessons

For those big groups that wanna hit the waves but stick together, this surfing lesson is great for groups of 9-15 people. Please give us a call to book a Mega or Corporate Lesson.

All surf equipment is included.

Private Lessons

All ages. Enjoy a one on one lesson. Allowing you and your instructor to focus on your individual needs. This lesson is designed to increase your personal knowledge of the ocean, surf etiquette and your place in the lineup as a newcomer. With each lesson you take you will learn more about yourself and what you need to do to improve on your surfing. All surf equipment is included.

Surf Lesson With Bud Freitas

All ages. Take a lesson with one of the best in the world. These lessons are focused on bringing your surfing to a new level with a professional surfer that’s been a part of the world tour and knows everything you need to know about taking your surfing to a level you’ve never been to before.