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How to Spend a Perfect Weekend in Santa Cruz

Anyone who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990s will almost certainly have the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk commercials stamped on their subconscious, alongside their best friend’s landline. But Santa Cruz is much more than a West Coast Coney Island. (The Boardwalk, incidentally, is California’s oldest amusement park and is a fine place to ride a historic roller coaster with an ocean view.) Santa Cruz, a city of some 60,000, defies easy categorization. A college town (go Banana Slugs!) and a world class surfing destination, it’s within commuting distance of Silicon Valley. And yet somehow it still manages to feel hidden away. Hugging the northern lip of the scallop shell-shaped Monterey Bay, travelers can reach Santa Cruz via a dreamy coastal drive on California’s Highway 1, or rounding vertiginous curves through the Redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Technically…

Why is Surf School Santa Cruz so awesome?

Every student catches a wave… People from all over the world have joined us for surf lessons, from ages 3 to adults have learned the fundamentals of surfing, water safety, and much more with the crew at Surf School Santa Cruz. Whether you are a visitor to Santa Cruz or a local in Northern California,…

Women’s surfing

We are always happy and very welcoming to all surfers. There’s is nothing like sharing the waves with one of yours friends. Surf School Santa Cruz encourages you and your friends to get out and have a surf with us at one of our famous surf breaks in Santa Cruz , CA.  LET’S SURF!

Surf School Santa Cruz