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There’s nothing like one-on-one surf lessons to get your blood pumping and help you feel accomplished. Whether you are in South Side Santa Cruz for vacation, or you live in the area, it’s always a good time to come in for our surf camp or a surf lesson to get started tearing up waves.

Both kids and adults can learn to surf, and we’ve given surfing lessons to all levels of riders from the beginner, to the intermediate, all the way up to a more experienced shredder. We work with groups, or on an individual basis, and our lessons are always private so you can learn to surf without a huge group of other students around you. If this sounds like a good experience that you want to go through, you should consider booking one of our package surf lessons today. Along with one of our skilled instructors, the equipment is also included with your rental. That means the surfboard, the wetsuit, and anything else you might need is going to be provided for you to get out on the waves.

During the two-hour lesson in South Side Santa Cruz, you’ll learn proper surfing technique, you’ll be able to attempt to ride some high-quality waves, and you might even surprise yourself by getting up and riding for the first time. Surfing is a skill that can be learned by anyone, and it’s a lot of fun. We run specials regularly and offer lessons based on reservations. Book today and get in on the fun in South Side Santa Cruz.