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Get the ultimate surf school experience and learn to surf in Seabright with our help. We run a program that teaches kids and adults how to surf. If you would like to learn to surf, consider booking a lesson out with us. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, if you are alone. We welcome groups, we welcome private sessions and we encourage anyone that wants to learn how to surf to schedule rentals.

Usually our midtown lessons last for a duration of about two hours. We provide the wetsuits, the paddles, the boards and anything else you may need for learning. The waves are top quality and anyone with an interest in learning to surf will have a positive experience. There’s no need to worry about rentals or anything else like that. We train beginner surfers, intermediate learners, and experienced surfers as well. It doesn’t matter, we’re happy to spread the joy of surfing to anyone interested in learning.

Surf school is a fun bonding experience and it can be a good way to relax as well. Enhance your vacation or just add some fun to one of your weekends and come out to midtown for a surf lesson, or sign up for one of our surf camps to get started surfing.