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Scotts Valley is just the place for you to learn how to surf and to tackle some beautiful waves. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to surf, there’s no better time than right now. Beginners can get up on their first wave, or intermediate surfers can learn some new tricks and start tearing up more advanced waves.

We offer private lessons or work with groups. Our surf schools are in the Scotts Valley area and all surfing equipment is included in the price. That means you can set up a booking, pick out the day that you want to learn and once you do that you just need to show up.

We encourage adults and children to take up surfing, and our lessons are for everyone. We’ll meet you on the beach and start you offer where you need to be. Beginners will learn the fundamentals and then move up to riding waves. Experienced surfers will go along with instructors to learn more about how to handle waves and advanced techniques. If you’re in the Scotts Valley area, stop dreaming of surfing and book us today. You’ll learn how to get more out of every wave.