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Find surfing lessons in Felton that provide you with a way to hit the waves and get what you want and need out of the sun and sand. With surf lessons ranging from beginner all the way through intermediate and experienced lessons, you can continue to climb up the ladder and learn how to hit the waves and become a natural at it. With instructors that have years of experience, you can be sure to learn about surfing from some of the best.

The packages offered do provide the rentals, as well. This allows you to get more out of what is being provided when it comes to surfing. If you do not have the necessary equipment needed, then you do not have to worry about it, since you’re covered when the time comes. Allow the instructors to show you the way when it comes to surf lessons tailored to suit your individual skill level.

Check out the private and group lessons that are happening in Felton and enjoy all that comes from surfing out in the open water. Book your experience now and find out what it takes to take on the waves that come crashing into the beach. It is an experience of a lifetime.