Private 2-Person Lesson

A private lesson for you and a buddy!

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Surfer (13+)
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Surf School Santa Cruz offers a wide range of surf lessons whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer.

Private Two-Hour Lesson for Two People.

Enjoy a private surf lesson with someone special, a close friend, or family member on this private two-hour lesson. Every surf lesson by Surf School Santa Cruz is done with professional surfer Bud Freitas, one of the best surfers and surf lesson instructors to come out of Santa Cruz in years. When you get surf lessons from Surf School Santa Cruz, you are getting surf lessons from the best so that you may be the best you can be.

With this private surf lesson in Santa Cruz, the two of you get Bud’s undivided attention to ensure you’ve got down the basics and proper techniques, but also to ensure that you’re having fun riding the waves. Whether you’re first-timers or are known to paddle these waters and just want to surf with a world champion, we hope to see at you Surf School Santa Cruz soon!

The private two-hour surf lessons includes your wetsuits and surf boards.

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